Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Standing on a 45 degree angle from the surrounding Eixample grid system, this hospital was built by Domènech i Muntaner based on the notion that aesthetic harmony and pleasant surroundings were good for the health. He certainly did a good job. The red brick buildings are stunning, marked by a combination of colourfull tiles that accentuates its walls and roof, and the occasional mosaic, such as those depicting SS. Cosma & Damian (shown below).

Roof detail

A hallway

The beauty of the surroundings, the quietness, only heightened my awareness that this is still a working hospital, marked by all the quiet sadness, hope and despair that such buildings often conjure. The ambulances, the doctors in white gowns, the odd patient sitting outside carrying a fluid flask, all erase the impression that this is a mere tourist destination. Suddenly I felt I was invading their privacy.

After the visit to the hospital we walked down Av. Gaudi – a nice tree-lined (what street in Barcelona is not tree-lined??) boulevard with a central promenade and sprinkled liberally with little cafes and shops. We stopped for a hot chocolate at Mora, a local chocolaterie and patisserie. Like in Paris, a hot chocolate in Barcelona is not your usual milk chocolate either…

Watch how the spoon stands straight up!

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

3 thoughts on “Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau”

  1. …do like the new site features! Nice pics too. And I would love to dip some churros in that yummie chocolate!

    Best, HD

  2. now that’s an idea!! I don’t think alan has had churros yet. we’ll need to find a churreria to remedy that. they are very popular in Brazil, always sold with dolce de leche. hmmmmm

  3. No no no not with dolce de leche in Spain, but with thick chocolate, preferrably at breakfast. Hmmm, I can almost taste it over here… Have a nice time Alex. HD

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