Another beautiful day…

Every wednesday the Spanish class is devoted to conversation. No need to bring books; all we do is discuss some topic and play games. Last week we talked about work and our previous experiences with job interviews. Obviously, Anika, the German MBA student, and Antonio, the Portuguese businessman, had had several complicated interview experiences and could relate. I personally found the topic mildly boring and in the end we somehow ended up in a heated argument over working mothers. But more on that later.

The teacher has said we may discuss things that annoy us in Barcelona. I've been trying to make a mental list but haven't come up with much beyond the fact that restaurants only open for dinner at 9 pm. I could deal with 8 but 9 is a bit late for dinner during the week. Oh well, I'll just have to stick with lunch. Not unwise since you can usually get a lunch menu – first plate, second plate, dessert, bread, coffee & wine – in a reasonable restaurant for about 7-8 euros. But I digress. The point of this post was to share with you that the temperature is currently 21 degrees (70 F), I'm wearing a skirt for the first time this season and this is the view from my window:

Looking left from our balcony Looking right

Looking across:

Beautiful early-20th-c buildings

At last but not least – this is what the sky looked like when I woke up:

weather forecast

Now, how can I have anything bad to say of a city that wakes me up in the morning this way and has such amazing weather forecasts??? Friday, vamos a la playa for sure!!!