the game of threes…

I know it's been a while but you'll have to fogive me. This past week I went to the archives for the first time and although the experience is kind of neat, it was also very stressful. I'm still unsure if I'm doing the right thing of even looking at the documents the right way. But nevermind that. Here's a fun game, if you want to reply with your own answers in the comments, feel free!!

20 years ago I…

1. was in 6th grade and hated my school; the next year I went to a girl's only school
2. watched the first Fifa world cup that I can remember
3. wrote my first diary

10 years ago I…

1. met my husband on the internet
2. learned French
3. lived in Recife – one of the strangest places I ever lived in – and got my dog, Tequila

5 years ago I…

1. started my undergrad in history
2. after 8 years wasting away in law school I discovered that I was finally good at something
3. learned to dragon boat3 years ago I…

1. started my PhD in history
2. moved to Toronto
3. made some good friends

1 year ago I…

1. passed the PhD Latin exam
2. turned 30 and cut my hair short
3. took my parents to Paris for the first time

So far this year I…

1. passed the dreaded comps
2. have moved to Barcelona for the year
3. travelled by train for the first time

Yesterday I…

1. spent the day at the archives reading 14th-century royal letters, or attempting to do so
2. had lunch for 3 euros near the archives
3. watched the last two episodes of Lost, after downloading them from the Internet

Today I…

1. went to the library of the Institut Millà i Fontanals
2. visited our friend N. at her last day working at Custo
3. had an amazing 2-course lunch menu for 7 euros in the old town

Tomorrow I will…

1. write a letter to my friend J.
2. go to Park Guell in the morning
3. go rollerblading in the afternoon

In the next year I will…

1. finish my research in Spain
2. become fluent in Spanish and achieve a comfortable level in Catalan
3. go for a holiday in Formentera

In the next minute I will tag…

1. Alan
2. Christian
3. Roberbel


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

4 thoughts on “the game of threes…”

  1. Visiting the archives sounds interesting. It must be odd to try to translate letters that are so old–not just the language, but also archaic constructions, etc.

  2. tell me about it!! until I get used to the language, it will be slow… but the best part is realizing that these letters were written over 700 years ago and refer to real, living people then. some of them still have the folds and I imagine the person to whom it was written unfolding them and reading it. I also wonder about the path it took until it was filed away in the archive… fascinating…

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