Horror in Brazil

The headline says it all. During the past few days the organized crime in São Paulo launched attacks against policemen and inmates in almost 100 prisons throughout the state rebelled. Last count had 40 policemen and 71 criminals dead during the past three days. When will our politicians look beyond their own personal gains and design an effective long term public security policy? Not only do we need an overhaul of the police force and penal system but also proper social reforms that would give those at the bottom the chance to find a future outside crime. I guess things will have to get much worse before the Brazilian people will stop taking it and demand more action. Unfortunatelly the people are too accepting. The ones who get fed up leave the country rather than fight for change and the ones who stay, well, the majority don't even know what they can do to effect change. Very sad.  It really pains me to see such a beautiful country with such great people falling into such a pit. Don't know what the answers are…

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

One thought on “Horror in Brazil”

  1. Alex, this is a very well wrutten piece. I sympathize with you on the problems of violence in such a beautiful country with such beautiful people.

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