Cava, sol y sushi – what a weekend!

Saturday – cava, playa y sushi

The weekend started with a visit to Freixenet, Spain's largest producer of cava, the Spanish champagne that has become popular all around the world. Located in the little town of S. Sadurní d'Anoia in the Alt Penedès region, it was an easy 40 min train ride from Barcelona, made even easier by the fact that the factory is right across from the train station. Perfect for carless people like us!


We took a tour of the facilities (free!) that included a 20 min video presentation, a guided tour through the old cellars and the modern plant, and a glass of cava. The video and the guides explained the process of making cava – a process we were familiar with from our wine tasting course in Toronto – which is the same process used for making champagne, the only difference being the region and the kind of grape used. I personally prefer cava to champagne, which I find grossly overated and overpriced.
Bottles in the cellars 

Apparently, Freixenet holds 80% of the cava industry in Spain and 9% of the wine industry in the world! Quite a big company. And to think it is still family-owned.  

 We were back to Barcelona around 2:30 pm and since it was such a gorgeous day (not unusual in this city), we set off to the beach. We didn't bring our camera but here's what the beach looks like from someone else's Flickr account:

We were joined at the beach by Alan's friend Mark and my friend Joy. I hope J. doesn't think we were trying to set her up…. Anyways, we had a good, lazy time at the beach and by 6:30, at Joy's suggestion, we headed to the champagne bar, a place that can best be described as quite an experience. I won't say much about it because Alan will blog about it later on. Sufice it to say that it was a total blast!

We got home at around 9 pm, had a shower and went out for a sushi buffet at a nearby Japanese restaurant. After a bottle of wine and mounds of sushi and tempura, we were ready for bed.

Sunday we woke up late (8:30 – quite late for us), cleaned a bit and headed off to the beach. We are now all sunned out and ready for a glass of chilled cava from Freixenet! 

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

3 thoughts on “Cava, sol y sushi – what a weekend!”

  1. Xandinha,
    Gostei de ver as fotos.Principalmente do Alan mas quero ver suas também.
    Tia Marta.

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