Brazil x Australia

I've been enjoying following the world cup from Spain. At least here I don't have to explain to people what the world cup is and it isn't hard to find a bar in which to watch matches. Living in such a cosmopolitan city also means one can also find supporters of every team playing. So, today Alan and I are off to watch Brazil vs Australia with some Australian friends. Let's hope the friendship survives!! 


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

2 thoughts on “Brazil x Australia”

  1. You should see Toronto!! Flag waving everything, honking cars… its amazing to see the various groups of people from all over the world that live here at World Cup time! Our area is nuts as there are great numbers of Brazilians and Portuguese!

  2. Good! That’s how it should be! Yesterday we went out with an English guy and an American guy to watch Italy vs USA in a local bar. Next thursday we are meeting a Japanse friend to watch Brazil vs Japan.

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