Don’t cry…Argentina!!

Football (soccer for you guys in north america) fever continues at full swing and I have been following the matches with passion and interest. Everyday I discuss the previous match with the security guards and personnel at the archives. Now that Spain is out, they assure me they will root for Brazil.

I must be getting good at this because this morning I asked the security guard what he expected of the match between Argentina and Germany this afternoon. He said Argentina would win. I said, nah… it will be a tie and Germany will win on penalty kicks after an Argentinian side misses his kick. I’m never right at these things but lol and behold, that’s EXACTLY what happened!! Granted, the referee made some controversial decisions in favour of the German team but hey, who cares, Argentina is out. And if Brazil is to lose this cup, I’ll rather that it be against Germany.


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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