Newfie accent

Newfoundland is a province on eastern Canada, known for the friendliness of its people. Newfies are supposed to be the nicest Canadians around. They are also known for their accent, not that noticeable in the big cities but as you move inland and to smaller communities it becomes more pronounced. I had heard about it but never actually head a newfie speak until the movers came to move our stuff from our apartment in Toronto into storage. There was a young guy among the movers who was very pleasant but whenever he would ask me something or talk to the other guys I would just stare at him and think “that sounds vaguely like English but I don’t understand any of it!”. It was then that Alan told me that he was from Newfoundland. Anyways, Nissan has released a commercial in Canada featuring a Newfie carsalesman and I decided to post it here for those among our non-Canadian friends who are curious to hear for themselves: