Some restaurants off the beaten path in Barcelona

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, is that I am a foodie. Food is very important to me and it is usually what I remember most about any trip or place. While I was determined to enjoy Spanish and Catalan food – and I do! – I was surprised to discover many amazing ethnic restaurants in Barcelona. Some of my current favourites are:

If you want to try something different and a little bit off the beaten path, here are some of my current favourites in Barcelona:

In the Born:
WushuC/ Colomines 2 (right behind mercat Sta Caterina)
Kitchen open from 12 am- 12 pm; closed mondays.
Tel. 933 107 313

Now moved to Avda. Marqués d’Argentera 1, metro Barceloneta, near Estacio de Franca (Jan, 2008)

It’s the new kid on the block. It’s been open for about 3 weeks and it already has a following. It serves asian food, the menu is short and everything is super fresh. Last time we went we had spring rolls with duck meat, organic chicken laksa with vermicelli noodles (dish from Mongolia) and my husband had Tuna steak with eggplant and miso sauce (Japan). The chef is Australian and quite original. Starters are 4.90; mains 8.90 and desserts 3-4.50. Service is superb.

Update: The laksa is now served with Jasmine rice and they also have some amazing curry dishes. If you like salmon and they happen to have that as the special of the day, don’t hesitate. It melts in your mouth. We go at least once a week.
Cardamon – C/ Carders 31
Indian curries & also some Catalan dishes. I always go there for the curry – they have the usual ones (chicken, lamb, etc) but they also have tiburon (shark!) and it’s amazing!! A small curry is about 6-7 euros, a large one goes for about 11 euros.

In Gracia/Eixample

Kibuka – C/ Goya, 9 (near plaça Rius i Taulet, which is also worth a visit for some tapas and just hanging out in a nice terrasse)
For sushi and some basic Japanese with a Brazilian flair. Ultra fresh, very nice. It opens at 8:30 pm and they don’t take reservations. By 9, it’s packed and there’s a line up. Prices are really good – I don’t think we ever spent more than 15-16 euros/person for lots of sushi, tempura and drinks.

For a nicer meal out, try:
C/ Paris, 162 (near Muntaner)
Fusion of saigon, new orleans and barcelona
If I remember correctly the mains were around 10-17 euros. Book ahead at 934.194.933.
The service can be spotty – some of my friends complained – but everybody agrees that the chef is just a genius. Really amazing food. The sushi appetizer is the best.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

7 thoughts on “Some restaurants off the beaten path in Barcelona”

  1. Cool site, your blog came up on google for a search for ME and my wife and I will go tonight.

    Don’t forget Tirant Lo Blanc in the literature section.

  2. Oi!
    Acabei no seu weblog procurando informaçoes sobre o Me, o restaurante Saigon-New Orleans do carrer Paris. Aí eu li o about me, e como eu sou carioca de coraçao (sou charnega), senti simpatia. Nao va embora de Barcelona nao sem experimentar o Espai Sucre, em carrer Princesa. Eles só conzinham sobremesa!!!! Eu ja fui, e comi um menu de cinco sobremesas. O incrível é que nao se faz pesado. De verdade, é uma experiência única… a partide 60 Euros. Tudo de bom para você!!

  3. So, a funny thing happened on the way to ME, I wrote the address for another place we were looking at and we ended up going somewhere else.

    So this past Saturday night we finally made it to ME and it was really sooper dooper good. We had the spider crab rolls with chipolte mayo and the crab wrapped in lettuce for first plates followed by some yummy sea bass and soft shell crab with corn muffin. Yummy!

    Service was fine and the price ended up at about 70 Euros for the two of us.

  4. Just want to correct the information on the origin of Laksa –

    ‘chicken laksa with vermicelli noodles (dish from Mongolia)’

    Laksa is a noodle dish from the Nonya (or Peranakan) cusine that originated in the countries along the Strait of Malacca. When the Chinese settlers first arrived in the South East Asia, they acquired the taste for Malay spices and soon adapted Malay foods. Nonya food is the manifestation of the marriage of the two cultures. Nonya cooking combines the finesse of Chinese cuisine with the spiciness of Malay cooking. As you can see the dish orginated from South East Asia, not North Asia (Mongolia). Laksa somehow also found it’s way into the Australian cuisine too.

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