People often ask me if I miss Brazil. I don’t really miss places but I do miss family and friends, and also the food. Particularly the fruits. I miss having my papaya at breakfast (I tried it in Canada and Spain and it tastes like crap in both places) and some of the more exotic fruits like acerola and jabuticaba. Jabu-what? You heard it right – jabuticaba. It sort of looks like a grape – same principle, seed in the middle wrapped by this succulent flesh – but the skin is a little tougher and it can be much sweeter. It also grows differently. Instead of coming in a bunch that hangs off a plant, jabuticabas grew right from the bark and when it’s season it can cover the whole tree. My grandmother has two trees in her backyard and every year the family has a few weeks of jabuticaba-picking bonanza. My brother sent the recent pictures of this year’s events:

Picking jabuticaba


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

18 thoughts on “Jabuticaba”

  1. “….my favourite memory
    was under that tree
    that’s been there since
    I was three
    Now I would like to
    sing for you
    my jabuticaba song
    Isn’t she lovely
    like purple rain”
    (Bebel Gilberto)

    finally I know now!!! You know how I always wondered about that three that Bebel describes in her song. A thank you to your brother for the pictures. It is like purple rain indeed!


  2. If you think that´s strange, you should see a jaca. It grows in very tall trees and the fruits can be more than 90 cm long and reach a weight of 15 kg!!! Basically, one fruit can feed a family of 10 ;) I´ll try to find a picture somewhere…

  3. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the information. I am based in the UK and play Capoeira, my nicname or “apilido” is Jabuticaba and In wanted to find out more about the tree…
    Thanks !
    Bims x

  4. Wow, what beautiful pictures you have here :).
    I have lived in the USA for the last 27 years, and I often talk about my wonderful childhood in Brasil, all the fruit trees we had in our backyard etc. One of my favorite fruits is Jabuticaba and I decided to look it up in the internet for some information, and let me tell you, you have definately done justice to this beautifull tree. Oh how I miss my home in Brasil.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with all of us.

  5. thanks for sharing the pictures,i miss jabuticaba so much,more than my friends lol,if u have more pictures please send to me thank u.

  6. I´m really amazed on how beautiful the nature can be. Last weekend I knew a small JABUTICABA tree near to my town in Palmares, a small place in Costa Rica, Central America. Only a few fuits but it was enough take my attention. Now I have tow very small trees to plant in my garden. Trust me, I can,t wait to see the first harvest. For shure, it coul´d be dificult to see such harvest as the one in the picture but doesn´t matter. I´ll be proud to have one of the most beautiful trees around the world.
    Congratulations! God blessed you in Brazil with that wonderful plant!

  7. Hy, i found your picture on google while trying to show jabuticaba to my colleagues… Like you, i miss the fruits. Although i’m glad that in the Netherlands you can buy (although very expensive) good ones, like brazilian mangos and figs, some others like guava (goiaba) taste like plastic but there is nowhere, but nowhere that you can find jabuticaba and pitanga. oh, i miss them!!!!!!

    The closest i can get is pitanga yogurt in Sweden…

    thanks for the great pics!


    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  8. Thanks for sharing this cool tree. We are having a tree delivered today. I will have to show the nursery man this photos.

    Sandi N.

  9. Wow! What an interesting fruit! I’ve never heard of it but your photos have me intrigued.

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