Alan’s birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Alan’s birthday at Wushu. We invited Joy and Jesús, whom we hadn’t seen in weeks, and went out for an early dinner (7:30 pm). Paula and Bradley were in fine form. The salmon tataki was made with salmon caught in the ocean rather than river salmon and although it lacked the bright salmon colour, it was a bit “gamier” than regular farmed salmon. I had curry rojo con gambas (Malaysia), Alan had curry curray (Japan) con ternera, Jesús had lo-men con gambas (China), and Joy had Laksa con gambas (Malaysia). We all tried each other’s food but my favourite was the curry rojo. I love the mix of chili with coconut milk. We enjoyed it all with two bottles of cava, the spanish champagne. Bradley then treated us to a two-course dessert: mango lassi followed by chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream & fried bananas.

Wushu continues to be a great deal. Amazing service, fresh & well-prepared meals, nice ambiance. We had two appetizers, four main courses with extra rice, two bottles of cava, coffees for 74 euros. Great meal.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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