Fall/Winter in Barcelona

Alan is still wearing sandals. I’m ok in just a fleece sweater. Sounds like a cool summer day?

Nope, it’s November 29th!! And it was 22 C the other day!

After seven Canadian winters, this weather feels really weird. I can only imagine what it must feel for Alan, who has lived in Canada all his life. As for me, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the snow. There’s nothing quite like waking up one day to find the world covered in white. That was always my favourite time in the winter. Early in the morning, before the snow-removal trucks came by to clear the streets. Sometimes all you could see was a lonely set of footprints crossing the street. And the silence. The snow works a bit like a sound muffler so it’s usually pretty quiet when it snows. It is so peaceful…

But that’s ok. If we miss snow too much, we can always catch a train north and be in the middle of a ski resort in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy the unusual nice weather and feast on the fall products at the local markets and whatever hint of fall colours we can find (most trees are still green).

Squash at Vic Market

Maket at Vic

Mushroom season


Girona colous


Girona colous

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

7 thoughts on “Fall/Winter in Barcelona”

  1. Hi Alex! Lovely markets! Guess what, SIXTEEN degrees today in Toronto! Talking about longing for snow…. Well, flurries forecasted for the end of the week, finally!

  2. It’s been at least 20c here in El Paso all November. In fact the day my Mom arrived (Nov. 9th), it was 30c!!! But a cold front is on its way, tomorrow there is supposed to only be a high of 7c. I haven’t even got a coat out yet and had bare feet in shoes yesterday!

  3. Well I now have to revise my post because it was just SNOWING in El Paso!!! Granted it is wet snow, but given that it was warm and sunny only a few hours ago… Guess I’ll have to get my coat out!

  4. wow! I guess whenever I want to liven up the blog, all I need to do is talk about the weather ;)

    it snows in El Paso???? wow! Is that a freak thing or does it normally snow in the winter?

    Apparently it snowed in Barcelona a few years ago. Nothing major and it had melted in a few hours. I didn’t bring a winter coat and I have yet to buy one… maybe I’ll have to buy one during the next couple of weeks.

    16 degrees in Toronto?? wow… go figure…

  5. Nossa, essas fotos estao um espetáculo! Parecem de filme, profissionais, parabéns! E outra coisa…quanto tempo vc leou para falar inglês assim, tao perfeito?! Meu desejo pendente ( por falta de tempo e nao vontade) é melhorar meu inglês, que é bem capenga…rssss..Olha aí, quem sabe vc poderia me dar até umas aulas ( sério)…vc tem algum tempo livre? Podíamos olhar o tempo de uma e de outra e c me dar umas aulas, que tal? Pago o preço de mercado, 15 euros a hora…me escreve pro e-mail: nandajimenez@terra.es

  6. It doesn’t snow in El Paso very often. Apparently last year, they didn’t get any snow at all. But this year has been a freak weather one for them here. It has been much wetter than usual (so far, they have received more than four times their usual rainfall) and many are predicting more snow than usual. It only snows a little though and does not stick at all.
    Right now it’s about 4c and sunny but is supposed to get up to 11c. It is ALWAYS sunny, which makes a difference if the air temp is lower, but it is also windy…

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