“Desejo de ir além das aparências, tentar descobrir nas pessoas qualquer coisa imperceptível aos sentidos comuns. Compreensão de que as diferenças não constituem razão para nos afastarmos, nos odiarmos. Certeza de que não estamos certos, aptidão para enxergarmos pedaços de verdade nos absurdos mais claros. Necessidade de compreender, e se isto é impossível, a pura aceitação do pensamento alheio.” Graciliano Ramos

To be a migrant is, perhaps, to be the only species of human being free of the shackles of nationalism (to say nothing of its ugly sister, patriotism). It is a burdensome freedom … The effect of mass migrations has been the creation of radically new types of human being: people who root themselves in ideas rather than places, in memories as much as in material things; people who have been obliged to define themselves – because they are so defined by others – by their otherness; people in whose deepest selves strange fusions occur, unprecedented unions between what they were and where they find themselves. The migrant suspects reality: having experienced several ways of being, he understands their illusory nature. To see things plainly, you have to cross frontiers … Migrants must, of necessity, make a new imaginative relationship with the world, because of the loss of familiar habitats …

Salmon Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands 124-125

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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