Lunch break

11:30 AM. I was working away at the archives (or trying to) when my cellphone buzzed. It was a text msg from Alan. The message was clear: “Wushu for lunch?” I knew I couldn’t really afford the time, that I should work overtime to compensate for the upcoming trip to Lisbon, but when it comes to food, I have no will-power. So Wushu it was.

Since it is mushroom season, the plato del dia was chicken with japanese mushrooms in a soy-based sauce served with jasmine rice. Dessert was a really nice passion fruit mousse served in a yogurt “soup” with biscuit. With a drink, it went for 9.90 euros.

Plato del dia

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

9 thoughts on “Lunch break”

  1. Indeed it was ;) And I don’t usually choose chicken dishes – I find chicken can be very good but that most often it is very uninspiring. Today’s was of the very good category ;)

  2. Note – I just re-read what I wrote and it gives the impression we went our for lunch at 11:30. As anybody who has been to spain knows, that would be impossible. He sent me the msg at 11:30 and we met for lunch at 1 pm. But since they are open from 12-midnight, you can actually have an early dinner – as we’ve done in the past – or even an early lunch.

    Dana, you’ll love wushu. Go when it’s not so busy so you get a chance to chat with Brad and Paula. They are very nice and have had a really interesting life.

    Thanks for the compliment Shirley!

  3. pela qualidade dos produtos – todos muito frescos, “do dia” -, o cuidado na preparação (todos os molhos são feitos por Bradley com ingredientes autenticos e alguns levam horas e horas para cozinhar), e a simpatia no atendimento, eles poderiam cobrar bem mais pelo que servem. Mas não, as entradas custam uns 4.50-6.50 e os pratos principais de 8.90 a 9.90. A bebida também não é cara. Uma garrafa de cava sai por 11 euros. O plato del dia é sempre 9.90 e inclui sobremesa e bebida. Eu gosto muito ;)

  4. I might add that even though we arrived at 1:00, we were the only ones there until the next customer arrived at around 1:30. By 2:30 you normally have to wait for a table.

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