Santa Claus vs the three Wise men, pt II

And for a quick update. The big parade is friday night and, as I said on my previous post about it, it happens in most towns of Spain. Well, it seems some took this whole conflict with Santa Claus a bit seriously – I read yesterday that Valencia prohibited any Santa from showing up at its Cabalgada de los Reyes. The kids can wear whatever they like, but no red suits.

It feels a bit surreal for Alan and I to walk downtown. Here we are, enjoying some post-Christmas blues, but as soon as we hit downtown we realize it ain’t over yet baby. All the stores are packed and opening extra hours (even during siesta!). It’s the week before Christmas all over again!!!

Of course, we won’t miss the parade on friday. Stay tuned for that.


Author: guerson

Born and raised in Brazil, a Canadian stole my heart and took me to Canada in 1999. After seven years between Montreal and Toronto, we then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I did research for my PhD thesis. This blog began as a chronicle of our adventures while living in Barcelona and exploring the old world and has acquired a life of its own after we moved back to Canada.

3 thoughts on “Santa Claus vs the three Wise men, pt II”

  1. Ah, aqui o pessoal gosta muito mais dos Reis que do Papai- noel americanizado ( eu adoro!).

    Uma coisa que vc falou e eu fiquei intrigada. Eu também tenho essa visao super- negativa da Inquisição. Qual é o outro lado? Aonde eu posso ler sobre isso?


  2. Hola! Seria legal, sim, a gente se encontrar… Adoraria! Eu ia até te perguntar, assinei a Veja, e tenho algumas que a gente ja leu, se voce se interessa… Fico com doh de jogar tudo fora. ;)
    Beijos, Bruna

  3. Fernanda – eu também gosto muito da tradição dos Reis. E depois do desfile de hoje – sobre o qual devo escrever em breve aqui – definitivamente posso dizer que gosto mais do que do Papai Noel!

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