iPhone: my new consumer dream…

After months (if not years) of speculation, Apple announced yesterday it´s iPhone, a revolutionary new electronic gadget that combines a cell phone, a widescreen iPod, and an internet communications device. No, it´s not just a smartphone. It´s a new product, with a new design, that will change the way we use our phones and connect to the internet in much the same way the iPod changed the way people listen to music. Oh, and the phone bit of it is a quad-band GSM phone and it also includes a 2 megapixel camera.


The new iPhone comes with a sleek new interface, with a touchscreen instead of the usual buttons found in cellphones & smartphones out there. It runs OS X and comes in 4gb & 8gb versions. Steve Jobs, Apple´s CEO, annouced it should be ready to ship in June to the USA market, end of 2007 to Europe & Asia in 2008. Nobody says anything about when it would be arriving in Canada :(

The one drawback is that Apple teamed up with Cingular and the new iPhone will be available only with a 2-year contract with that phone company. It doesn´t look like there will be “free” iPhones out there but I trust someone will come up with a hack soon enough. It´s also unclear, at this point, if there will be similar agreements with cellphone companies when the iPhone is released outside the US. Apple stocks went up 7% after the announcement while its competitors in the smartphone business (like RIM, the maker of Blackberry) watched its stocks go down just as much.

iPhone calls


Go to the apple site for a detailed overview:

Apple site


Author: guerson

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3 thoughts on “iPhone: my new consumer dream…”

  1. Yeah, I’ve never wanted a smart phone until yesterday. There’s a bet on the Cult of Mac blog that the first hacked phone will appear within 24 hours of the phones release, so I think you will be able to get them without the Cingular contract.

    It’s luscious, isn’t it?

  2. hey landismom!!
    I never really cared much for a smartphone either. I mean I never used either my PDA, iPod or cell phone all that much to warrant one. But I want an iPhone!!! Does that make any sense?? Maybe it’s the internet part of it – I never really got my pda or cell phone to connect meaningfully to the internet. Maybe it’s just the whole package, the way it’s integrated.

    Since cingular doesn’t work in Canada, I suspect they’ll make a deal with someone else there. Although I really don’t like the word “contract”.

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