Pre-trip: Arenys de Mar

Since we only have a few more months left before we go back to Canada, I decided it’s about time we explore a bit more of Catalunya. The plan is to mix the occasional weekend trip with a day trip on sundays, depending on how much time and money we have.

So, this sunday we’ll go to Arenys de Mar, a small town in the Costa de Maresme, about 50 min by train from Barcelona. The town has one of the oldest ports along these shores (still very busy), a few nice modernist buildings, a famous cemetery with lots of interesting monuments since many modernist architects were buried there, a mineralogy museum, and literary fame. The famous Catalan poet, Salvador Espriu, immortalized the place in his poems, where the town appeared renamed as Synera (Arenys spelled backwards).

Should be interesting. I’ll have a report tomorrow with a couple of pictures from Alan’s digital. My pictures will take a few days as usual…

Author: guerson

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4 thoughts on “Pre-trip: Arenys de Mar”

  1. So, did you go??? Show us photos! I’ve been meaning to do stuff like that for a long time, but I never know which are the best places to see.
    Beijos, Bruna

  2. yes, we went!!! And it was very nice, very relaxing…. it was cloudy in the morning but the sun came out as we arrived in Arenys and it turned out a beautiful day. We had some really nice fish near the port. I should have a trip report with some pictures (not many since I took most of my pics with my film camera and we´ll have to wait for those) sometime tonight.

    tem que ir Bruna!! I don´t know where the best places are either, but I look it up, scout the web for info and if it seems mildly interesting, I go ;) I think we´ll go to Besalu next. Not sure ;)

  3. I’m from arenys de mar, It is glad to me to hear from tourists who has has a good experience visiting Arenys.
    It is expected to build a new hotel in the following years, I hope it will make easier to tourists to come

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