Monks, kings, markets & calçots

Yesterday was amazing! We drove through wine country, discovered a gorgeous thirteenth-century monastery, wandered through the market at Valls, and drove through half the region searching for calçots.

I can´t wait to tell you all about it but since I´m at work right now, I´ll direct you to Alan´s blog, where he talks about our day and shares some of the beautiful pictures he took.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

4 thoughts on “Monks, kings, markets & calçots”

  1. Oi!!!

    Voltei para Paris hoje, fiquei com um aperto no coração de me despedir do sol, das cores…

    Aqui esta uns 9°C, um céu cinza, uma casa para limpar, roupas para lavar, os livros para estudar… Um pesadelo!


    Adorei a foto do prato da Bruna no Wushu! =)


  2. it was really amazing Christian! most of it actually looks just like it did back in the 13th-14th century. I couldn’t believe it! It’s in perfect conditions and there are still monks living there (31, to be precise, the youngest of whom is 24 years old)

    I often think of you when I visit a monastery ;)

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