We did our share

Tonight, from 19:55 to 20:00 we turned off all our lights to express concern over global warming. It was neat. We watched the buildings across the street and as people turned off their lights, they came out onto their balconies. We waved at each other and felt connected. Here in Barcelona, the lights were turned off at the Sagrada Familia and other tourist buildings. In Paris, they turned off the lights at the Tour Eiffel.



Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

3 thoughts on “We did our share”

  1. I think I prefer “her” lightened. At night: the best time to watch “la mademoiselle Eiffel”. It sounds better to me when I use “mademoiselle”. If Eiffel Tower was a woman, I think she wouldn´t be married.

    About this initiative in France: It was good. Arnaldo Jabor talked about this in his chronic on tv. Bjs

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