This list of questions was posted by Denise in Portuguese in her blog and since I can’t resist these questionaires, I’ve translated the questions here and answered them ;)

HEIGHT: 1.78 m. no, it’s not great to be so tall. not when you are so disproportional: my legs are as long as someone 3-4 cm taller, which means I can never find pants!
WHAT SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? hum… none. I’m in bed.
FEAR? snakes.
OBJECTIVES YOU WANT TO REACH: I’ve made a few lists about those, but I guess the main ones are to finish my PhD and become a good teacher
BEST PART OF THE BODY: my breasts. That is followed closely by my glasses, which have become an extension of my body.
SWEAR WORDS? I swear a lot in Portuguese but somehow not as much in English . Maybe it lacks the punch for me. Lately, I’ve picked up my friend Jackie’s habit of saying “FUUUUUCK”.
SIDE OF THE BED? never had one. I’m not a creature of habits. but since Alan does, than it means that by default I get to sleep on the right side (usually, his side is not actually the left, but the side furthest from the door which more often than not, ends up being the left). But as soon as he gets up, I move to the middle.
DO YOU SHOWER DAILY? Usually. I’ve taken up the Canadian habit of showering first thing in the morning and I have to confess that the days I don’t do it in the morning because I’m late or whatever, I end up not doing it later… Unless it’s summer, of course.
DO YOU LIKE HOT TOWELS? not in the summer.
TEDDY BEARS? never had them. I was a dog-freak and had stuffed dogs instead
DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF? I used to be totally confident in myself. There was nothing I thought I couldn’t do if I applied myself. But grad school has shaken that a bit… And I don’t know why since so far my experience has been 100% positive as far as feedback and results are concerned… But the further along I get, the less self-confident I become. Right now I’m thinking I’ll never finish the thesis and I’ll be a lousy TA…
DO YOU GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS? sure! particularly at 5,000 miles away ;) my mom and I have always had a difficult relationship but the distance has improved it a lot. We now spend hours on the phone…
DO YOU LIKE STORMS? love it! particularly in high places.
SPORTS? thanks to Alan, I can’t be sedentary without feeling terribly guilty. In general I favour swimming, weights, walking & cycling but my efforts to do it consistently have never really worked. The only exception is when I belonged to a kayak club and dragon boat team (we paddled EVERY day, sometimes twice a day, plus had dragon boat practice at least 3 times a week; I’ve never looked better and developed muscles on my back I didn’t even know I had), and when I worked out with Dana last year. As a spectator, I love watching football (soccer) and have been following the Spanish league attentively.
HOBBIES? photography & internet
TICKS? nope

HOW MANY TIMES HAS YOUR NAME APPEARED ON THE NEWSPAPER? that I remember, about 6-7 times. If we include university newspapers, then add another 2.
ANY BODY SCARS? let’s just say I had a happy childhood
A PLACE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO VISIT: anywhere I haven’t been. for some reason, I’ve been wanting to go to Thailand and India lately. I think it’s mainly because of photography…
MORNING OR NIGHT? I like dusk & sunrise
WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR POCKETS? like I said, I’m lying in bed. But if I were wearing my coat to go out, you would find all kinds of stuff… cellphone, change purse, bus/metro pass, keys, odd bits of paper, restaurant cards, lip balm, hand cream… whenever I have to change coats, it always amazes me how much stuff I can put in my pockets…
WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE PRIME-MINISTER? I guess it depends of which country. In general, I would like to see every country matching each dollar they spend on weapons & the military with the money spent on development. In Spain, I would improve the services offered to immigrants to help them settle and start a massive education campaign on immigration to erase the notion that it’s a “problem”. In Canada, I would invest more in education and health care and improve the way we absorb skilled immigrants. In Brazil,…. where do you even start?? I would end mandatory voting, invest everything I possibly could in education, and abolish entrance exams to university as well as exams for public jobs. Oh, and cut salaries of politicians and many public jobs, which are way out of sink with reality.
IF YOU WON THE EUROMILLIONS, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? help others and travel the world
IF YOU FOUND ALADIN’S LAMP WHAT WOULD YOU DO? WHAT WOULD YOU ASK? I get 3 wishes, right? well, that there were no more borders, that we all saw each other as equal, and that we treated each other as we want to be treated. That would be a start…
IF THE WORLD ENDED TODAY AT 23h59m WHAT WOULD YOU DO UNTIL THEN? call my family to say see you soon, and go someplace peaceful with Alan – maybe a beach or mountain outside the city…
IF YOU HAD A CHILD WITHOUT KNOWING HOW, WITHOUT ANY REASON, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? huh? does it mean it was unplanned or that you are a man who had a child without knowing? either way, I would raise the child to the best of my ability…


wow, this took a lot longer than I thought…