My Valentine

I´ve always known I would one day find my soul-mate. I never dreamed he would be Canadian or 27 years my senior, but life often has a funny sense of humour. How does one identify a soul-mate? How do you know for sure? You just do. I´m a true Gemini. I´ve always been restless, curious and indecisive. I´ve always taken pride on my independence and avoided relationships and commitment like the plague. I have trouble making big decisions. Yet, from the very beginning I knew Alan and I would be together. I never once felt confused or doubted my feelings for him or his for me. There was no question or insecurity about getting married and moving to Canada, a place I barely knew anything about.

We read each other´s thoughts through the Internet. We could (and still can) talk for eight hours straight without running out of things to say. We make each other laugh. But most importantly, together we are better people. And that´s what a soul-mate is: a person who loves us exactly how we are but with whom we become a better person.

Happy Valentine´s Day Sweety!!!

It is a beautiful fact

that you and I together

can make one hour

into a holiday


sweety & I

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

9 thoughts on “My Valentine”

  1. Alexandra, I don’t know you, but I understand what you are talking about very well, as I am also married to an Alain, quebequer, canadian and 13 years older than me, I met in Brazil ten years ago. Time passes very. Happy St-Valetine.

  2. Hi, Alexandra. I think is normal not to want a relationship when you are very young. And being a Gemini it doesn´t mean so much in Astrology terms. For example, if you were like me – Moon and Venus in Gemini, you really would know what means “free/ instability” or “avoid commitment”. ;-)

    Bisous e feliz dia dos namorados para o povo do Hemisfério Norte!

  3. Thank you!!! and Happy Valentine’s for everybody!!

    Gi, I agree but I don’t think it was an age thing. I met Alan while I was still very young (21) and I never for one minute had an “avoid commitment” thing with him… Prior to that, the closest to an official boyfriend I had, lasted only a month. I was very adept of the one-night stands and not calling back thing ;) My brothers used to say I was worse than a man…

  4. Oi,

    I also think it´s not a “age thing” cause love/passion we can´t explain using rules. I can´t speak about you specially cause I don´t know you, Alexandra. I just notice that when we are young the tendency is “follow a group” and “forget” unconsciously our personality to please people. In fact, this behaviour can persists during the years, it´s true.

    You´ve written that you´ve always avoid commitment so “change” when we are still young it doesn´t mean that we “were really avoid commitment”; maybe it means exactly the opposite. 21 years old is very young so I ask myself what past we can have before this age, I mean, in terms of life time. I think we can change some moods in life but just a little bit. The real personality is in our hearts, our mind since our birth, despite our family, our parents but unfortunately (or fortunately) not despite social environment . Sometimes it´s difficult to make a difference between our desire and “their desire”. Maybe for this same reason it exists the famous “love at first sight”. ;-) Bjs

    ps: seu blog está sendo ótimo pra testar meu “anglais”. Se fosse falando pessoalmente ia ser engraçado e pior pra mim. ;-)

  5. Ok, now I am going to write this comment in English, unlike others, because it is also for Alan. You are both very beautiful and look great together. Alexandra, you are a very special new blog-friend and I knew you are very special since the beginning. I love your comments in my blog and I always thought we have lots in common.

    I am happy to see that, as you said in my SdeE, your relationship wity Alan is like mine with Ted, full of love, harmony, peace, respect, companionship. Ted is 16 years my senior and it had never been a problem, I just love him more and more.

    I wish you two to keep this love and companionship for many, many years and ever. Being always friends is the big “secret”.

    And I hope Ted and I will meet you two one day :-)

  6. Denise,
    Thank you so much for your words! Every once in a while Alan and I look at each other and realize how lucky we are.

    I was browsing through your blog today and I came across your posts about Bia and her growth during the past couple of years. It was beautiful to witness the relationship you have with your daughter. I confess I had tears in my eyes…

    It’s funny you should write about meeting one day. I was just thinking today that I should write to you and let you know that it looks like I may be in Washington DC for a conference in Jan/2008. It would be great to get together and have a chat!

    All the best for you and Ted!

  7. Obrigada pela dica. Através dela posso chegar a outras quem sabe; estou buscando escritoras que nasceram no Brasil, alguém com raíz e escritura brasileira.


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