Festes de Santa Eulália, Photos pt 1

As promised, here are some of the pictures I took last weekend during the Festes de Santa Eulália. As I mentioned before, the festival was dedicated to children and they were out in great numbers and dressed in various costumes:

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Lining up

This little girl posed for me. When her parents saw me pointing my camera at her they told her “mira la nena!” and they kindly moved out of the frame. Isn’t she the cutest little princess? But try as I might the kid on the right would not look at me…

Little Princess Catalan diversity

These guys were cute too and were getting ready to perform:

Fooling around

Little girl meeting the big head

Cute little girls watching the shows:


girls dancing

people watching

And now for the cutest thing I saw all day:


A backpacker went through the square just before and splashed his face at the fountain. This little girl, who was probably no older than 2, stood at the very tips of her feet, wet her hands and tried to immitate the backpacker. It was tooo cute!

You can see lots more pictures of the festival here. It includes some pictures of previous festivals, but I’m sure you won’t mind!