Why I blog…

I’ve been indirectly tagged by Erin to give five reasons why I blog. My answers will not be as elegantly put, but here they are:

1. As a way of keeping in touch

In the past ten years I’ve lived in five different cities in three different countries. My family lives in Brazil and I have friends all over the world. When Alan and I set out to spend a year in Barcelona, we both knew it would be one of those life-changing experiences that we would like to share with our friends. This blog, as the title suggests, was created so that we wouldn’t have to stuff our friends’ e-mailboxes with pictures and stories. This way they are free to log on and catch up whenever they feel like it… And if someone else out there comes across it and learning something about Catalunya and Spain in the process, hey, that’s great!

2.  As a travel journal

Because this has been such an amazing year for us, both Alan and I felt that it was important to keep a record of it for the future. Ideally, I would one day host my blog in my own server so I can be sure the content would never be lost…

Like Erin, the act of writing about my experiences here makes me even more attentive than usual to what goes on around me.

3. To share my photographs

I’ve recently taken up photography as a hobby. It helps me get my mind off my studies and alleviates the stresses of an academic life. Plus, going out with a camera forces me to look at the world very differently and the fact that some of those photographs will end up here later forces me to be more sensitive about what is it about this place that I would like my friends to know, what sort of feelings I would like to share… Besides, my writing is not good enough to stand on its own, I need some pretty pictures to keep my readers entertained ;)

4.  The people

Internet for me has always been about connecting with people.

I still remembered the first time I went on the Internet, back in Jan 1996. Commercial internet was barely on its infancy in Brazil but a cousin of my cousin’s had internet at home since he worked for the WHO (world health organization. We dropped by for a visit, he showed us a couple of websites and then logged on to IRC, an online chat server. It blew my mind away. The idea of being able to talk on real-time with people across the globe was just amazing to me. I had internet at home a few months later.

Through this blog and the blogs of the people who come here, I’ve met many incredible people.  Some have inspired me to be more engaged with the world around me, others have touched me for their open-mindness and positive attitude, some I have met personally, others I keep meaning to, and some are friends or family who have since created their own blogs… The ability to be able to exchange opinions and learn from all the amazing people I have met since I created this blog, keeps me coming back…

5. It helps me think and take a position

People like Denise, Erin, Regina, and my brother Jota, have really inspired me to think more clearly about some of the issues that shape our world today. One of the things I enjoy most in life is to be able to have a good conversation with someone, particularly if that person has different ideas to share. This blog allows me to share something that has been bugging me lately with friends & family around the world, who can then discuss the matter with me…


Anyone else out there wants to take this on? Let me know if you do!

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

10 thoughts on “Why I blog…”

  1. Nah, you were directly tagged. Thanks for picking it up. I’m with you on a couple of these reasons—– it does force you to form an opinion, or decide what to do about political comments you don’t agree with, exactly, etc… And I’m loving your photos. I can’t believe how intriguing you made boot photos on the Camper post. (congrats on the new shoes, btw. Campers are comfy.)

  2. Hey Erin!
    One of the reasons I don’t like buying shoes is that with feet so narrow and angular, I can never find comfortable shoes that don’t cost a fortune. All my campers feel like gloves…

  3. Alexandra,

    Obrigada pelo carinho de me incluir no link acima. Tem sido um prazer me comunicar com voce. Aprendo muito no seu blog e adoro as fotos.

    Eu tb blog por razoes parecidas: gosto de publicar as minhas fotos e poesias; adoro estar em contato com os meus amigos virtuais (like you); e’ um lugar para eu compartilhar as minhas aventuras e pensamentos com a minha familia e amigos; ter um blog contribuiu para que eu voltasse a escrever regularmente.



  4. Oi Regina,
    Eu adoro suas fotos e poesias! Também gostei do video do seu marido tocando jazz… e olha que eu não sou muito fã de jazz, viu? Mas achei o estilo dele muito bom.
    Também gosto muito de ler como vc cria seus filhos para serem cidadãos do mundo…


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