New Camper shoes!

When I got to Spain, a friend of mine in Canada mentioned I should look for Camper shoes. “They are amazing!” she said. Unlike many women, I’m not into shoe-shopping that much. It’s not that I don’t like shoes – I love them – it’s just that my mother was always like Imelda Marcos and since we wear the same size, I’ve always just borrowed her shoes. It wasn’t until I immigrated to Canada that I discovered that I actually only possessed two pair of shoes! I’ve bought some since then but somehow the habit is just not there.

Anyways, I checked out those camper shoes sometime back in the summer and I fell in love. They are so much fun!! Here’s the pair I bought back in the summer:

My first camper shoes!

The original Camper Store hails from Mallorca and in 1981 the first branch in Barcelona was inaugurated. Since 1992 it has spread around the world and they have become quite popular lately.

I wanted to get a pair of boots and couldn’t decide between two. So Alan offered to get me one pair as an advance birthday gift and I got myself the other one. Here they are:

Cute boots

Back Boots Alan gave me

The soles are what really marks a pair of Camper shoes:

soles 1 soles 2