The positive side of being forgetful

I’ve been studying hard since I started my undergraduate degree back in January 2000. One of the side effects of this life devoted to books and knowledge is my increasing absent-mindness and forgetfulness (I tell Alan I’m training to be an absent-minded professor). I’m always forgetting the little things of daily life. But even that has its good side: I’m constantly finding money in my pockets or that I “forgot” I had. When we were packing our stuff to move last week, I found 40 euros (2 x 20 euro bills)lying under some books on my desk. The receipt with it indicates that it dates back to our trip to Portugal in December. Today I reached into my jeans’ pocket and found a 5 euro bill. Of course, to be able to “find” this money I had to have lost it before but truth is, I’ve been so forgetful these days that I never remember I even had that money so it never really feels like I lost any. I just assume I must have spent it… So it feels like finding money on the street ;) And 5 euros is enough to buy lunch at the bakery near the archives! woooohooo


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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