A talented cousin…

My cousin Otavia started decorating cakes when still in her teens. She enjoyed doing really complicated designs that took days to finish and as she grew older she started decorating cakes for family and friends. That was her hobby. As a profession she got a law degree and started working as a lawyer in a family law firm but her heart was not in it. I always thought she should devote herself to her cake decorating business and I’ve now heard that’s the way she has decided to go. She’s only 27 and I’m sure she’ll be quite successful!

She has recently started a blog dedicated to her cake decorating, click here to see it. Here are some of her recent creations:


Gift box

Maltese dogs

The cake above was done for the birthday party of a two-year old girl who loves her Maltese dogs. Notice how the candles were incorporated into the design.


This one was done for the birthday of someone who was into crafts, particularly patchwork. It’s one of my favourites!

Isn’t she amazing? I’m very proud of my little cousin…

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

6 thoughts on “A talented cousin…”

  1. Happy st Paddy’s day Andrea!! I don’t think people even know it’s St Patrick’s Day here in Barcelona, but in Canada the day is always celebrated with big parades. Hmmm… I would go for a Guinness right now…

  2. My favorites cakes: 2 (the star´s gift-cake) and 3 – little girl. Por que ela não vai ao Jô mostrá-los? ;-)

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