Do you want to make a difference?

Through Erin’s blog, I came across this wonderful non-profit organization called Kiva, which connects people like you or I, with as little as 25$ to spend, and small business in poor countries in need of a loan. Erin had spoken many times about Kiva, and the press have also covered them frequently. I also read a blog of two interns at Kiva who go to Africa to follow up locally how the business are using the

Inspired by all of that, I decided to also invest on some of these businesses. I don’t have much money but I figured that if I can spend 65 euros for one night at a hotel, I can loan 25$ to help a woman somewhere get her business off the ground and guarantee a good life for her family. So I decided to start with a 100$, which I split between four businesses, all owned by women:

Tolotea Siaki is a seamstress in Samoa, N’Défa Adry owns a clothing store in Togo, Massan Djitri is a mother of six who owns a grocery store in Togo, and Maria del Socorro Aguirre has had a grocery store in Nicaragua for the past ten years and is looking into expanding her business.

They have 12-18 months to repay their loan. Once they do I’m given the choice to get my money back or simply reinvest in other businesses.

I hope to see these women able to tell stories like this one before the end of the year…

Feeling like investing in someone’s business and making a difference in someone’s life? Check Kiva out.


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

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