Palm Sunday

Christians celebrate today the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem, marking the beginning of Holy Week, when Jesus was arrested, tried, and executed. According to the gospels, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on Sunday, riding a colt or a mule and people lay down their coats or small branches on his path. Palms or small branches came to symbolize the event and here in Spain they design very elaborate statues with palms for the processions that mark the event. Unfortunately, we slept in and weren’t able to check the events today but last year we happened to be visiting the Monastery of Pedralbes during Palm Sunday and came across local families attending special services for it:

Family coming out of the church holding their palms:

Palm sunday

These two girls were the best, notice the elaborate palm creation they held:

Girls running away Palm sunday

It will be a holiday here from Thursday to Monday so I’ll be sure to go out and try to catch some pictures of semana santa…


all pictures © Alexandra Guerson


Author: guerson

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