Messi: A star is born!

I couldn´t let this pass without saying something about it. Yesterday Barça beat Getafe 5 x 2 in a semifinal match for the Copa del Rey. So far so good… not that surprising to see Barça beat Getafe. Bu the match went into football (soccer) hall of fame. Why? Because of this brilliant goal by Leo Messi, a 19 years-old Argentinian prodigy. The goal is almost exactly the same as the one scored by Diego Maradona in a match between Argentina and England, considered one of the best in the history of the sport.

Update: the match was shown on pay-per-view and the company that holds the rights have been removing the videos from youtube… I’ll try to find one that’s more permanent… OK, found a new one. The music is annoying but it is a good one because it shows Maradona’s goal so you can compare. 

It looks easy but what Messi did is extremely difficult; some would say even impossible. Former Spanish football player Pep Guardiola has said that Messi is the only player he’s ever seen who can run faster with a ball than without one.

Unfortunately, Bernd Schuster, Getafe’s coach, has shown himself to be a sore loser and has shown a great deal of lack of sportsmanship when he said his players showed too much fair play and that they should have brought Messi down before he got that far. His words (in Spanish): Quizá nuestro error fue no parar antes la jugada. Fue un pequeño error. Hay que frenarlos antes. Hemos sido demasiado nobles. No hemos dado ni una sola patada. Si frenas al jugador ¿que pasa? Una amarilla y basta.

People like that make me mad! That’s why we have teams like Italy winning the world cup…