Argh! it seems like the more we pack, the more there is to be packed! When we moved from our apartment on Rosselló to Jacquie and Sebastian’s house we sent three boxes to Canada. We thought we could fit everything else in our suitcases but guess what? We sent two boxes this morning and have two more boxes to send tomorrow and I’m considering getting one last box to put the remaining photocopies and books I have. Oh well, one gotta do what one gotta do…

Only 5 more days!!!! eeeeeeeek!!!!!!


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

4 thoughts on “Moving….”

  1. Good luck! Moving is good. Here in the US it’s very expensive and that’s why everybody asks friends to come help move the boxes to a rented truck. There’s even a joke: a good friend helps you move, a best friend heps you move a body. hehe…

  2. Hi Andrea,

    we do that in canada too. I can’t tell you how many friends we’ve helped move ;)

    but when we moved from Montreal to Toronto we decided to hire movers. It cost a couple thousand dollars but it was WAY easier than renting a truck, finding people in Toronto to help us, etc…

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