Things you can’t say in Toronto

The Toronto Star published a list of things you can’t say in Toronto:

  • “The CN Tower is the tallest standing building in the world.” It’s not true. It is the tallest free-standing structure but not for long. In 2008, the Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will be the tallest freestanding structure and building at more than 800 metres. And hello, it could be argued that Yonge St. is not the longest street in the world, either.
  • “The Toronto Maple Leafs will never again win a Stanley Cup.” The team hasn’t won one since 1967. And it doesn’t seem to matter. They still sell out every game and millions tune in every time they hit the ice. Can you say, “city of suckers”?
  • “Toronto is not a world-class city.” Likewise for Toronto the clean. Toronto the good. Toronto the city of culture. New York is world-class.
  • “Toronto is no more diverse than any other world metropolis.” It is an urban myth that the UN declared Toronto the most diverse city in the world. Where did it say that?
  • “The real estate bubble is going to burst.” Telling a homeowner that the market will fall and fall hard is blasphemy.
  • Hmm, I don’t know about the fourth one. I mean, I agree you can’t say Toronto is no more diverse than other big cities but I don’t agree it’s a myth. I’m trying to find the official UN study… I know 49% of citizens of Toronto were born outside of Canada


    Last post from Barcelona

    It’s a long weekend here in Barcelona since today is a holiday (Labour Day here) and most people had yesterday off as well. We spent the weekend alternating packing with meeting friends to say goodbye, whether it was over coffee, a beer, lunch, dinner or the best gelatto in the world.

    Things we’ll miss from Barcelona:

    Our friends

    lunch at jax

    Francesca & Keiko Pau & Mireia


    las tres chicas

    the beach at St Pol de Mar


    watching children play at the squares in Gracia

    squares in Gracia children

    the ice cream from Pl. de la Revolucio


    the cultural festivals that celebrate local culture



    a nice cortado


    Things we look forward to in Toronto

    our friends

    Montreal friends

    friends from TO

    our apartment in an oasis in the city

    Village Green

    having coffee with friends at Kensington while watching the world go by

    coffee at Kensington  coffee at Kensington

    going cycling through the city


    also the neighbourhoods, the festivals throughout the summer, going to a bar without worrying about cigarette smoke (I’m quite sensitive to it, last night we had to leave early from a restaurant even though we had a great time because my eyes were stinging really bad from all the smoke), wandering the city without worrying about pickpockets, watching the seasons change…