Things you can’t say in Toronto

The Toronto Star published a list of things you can’t say in Toronto:

  • “The CN Tower is the tallest standing building in the world.” It’s not true. It is the tallest free-standing structure but not for long. In 2008, the Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will be the tallest freestanding structure and building at more than 800 metres. And hello, it could be argued that Yonge St. is not the longest street in the world, either.
  • “The Toronto Maple Leafs will never again win a Stanley Cup.” The team hasn’t won one since 1967. And it doesn’t seem to matter. They still sell out every game and millions tune in every time they hit the ice. Can you say, “city of suckers”?
  • “Toronto is not a world-class city.” Likewise for Toronto the clean. Toronto the good. Toronto the city of culture. New York is world-class.
  • “Toronto is no more diverse than any other world metropolis.” It is an urban myth that the UN declared Toronto the most diverse city in the world. Where did it say that?
  • “The real estate bubble is going to burst.” Telling a homeowner that the market will fall and fall hard is blasphemy.
  • Hmm, I don’t know about the fourth one. I mean, I agree you can’t say Toronto is no more diverse than other big cities but I don’t agree it’s a myth. I’m trying to find the official UN study… I know 49% of citizens of Toronto were born outside of Canada

    Author: guerson

    Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

    3 thoughts on “Things you can’t say in Toronto”

    1. (The link is funky, Alex.) But, according to the city, then, more than 50 per cent of Toronto residents (when the 2001 census was taken) were not born Canadian citizens. Cool.

    2. Thanks Jen, link is fixed…

      Yes, statistics show that half of the population was born outside the country and that most of those consider themselves as a visible minority. I think that’s pretty cool and I love that about the city…

    3. Do you know what I love about your blog, Alê? (and why I started paying atention to it?) you love the place where you live. I love this. Even living in f…g Washington, DC I keep finding amazing things to cherish!

      Welcome back to North America (I have to admit I am happy you will be in Canada… we will meet sooner or later)

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