First day

Wow, I feel so lucky. We had a huge list of things to do today and everything went better than I thought.

First glimpse of Bloor St, walking out of the subway… This is the intersection of Yonge & Bloor streets, the busiest corner in the city and known jokingly as the “centre of the universe”. Not so busy compared to Barcelona ;)

Bloor & Yonge

We got downtown at 10 am this morning, which was later than I had planned. First stop was a photo store to get pictures to renew my Brazilian passport. There was nobody at the store and we were able get them done right away. We then went to the bank near the Brazilian consulate to get the money order for the consulate (they don’t take cash). Again, there was no line up and we were able to go right to the cashier. We then went to the consulate, the part of the day I was really dreading because the consulate here in Toronto can be incredibly busy and the people can be very unhelpful. I was sure we would have to spend at least one hour in line… Guess what? we get there and there was NOBODY there. We were able to walk right to the counter, the guy who received us was super nice and helpful and everything went really well. One big hurdle out of the way.

MaitlandWe then proceeded to our old building to see the apartment we want to rent and fill in the forms. Everybody at the rental office were very happy to have us back and later we ran into some of our former neighbours who were all thrilled to have us back. We felt very welcomed! We’re back to Maitland St!

Next stop was the cellphone store, where we were able to buy new sim cards for our spanish cellphones. It was all very easy and they gave us a new number right away.

Alan on Church St, right around the corner from Maitland:


Pad Thai at the BowlIt was then 1:30 pm and we went for lunch in one of our favourite restaurants, and ran into Ky, the owner, who welcomed us back and was quite pleased to see us back. We were regulars there from the first week it was open and it was nice to see we were not forgotten ;) I had a very yummy Pad Thai. I can’t wait to try their Thai Red Curry, something I have never eaten here but which I learned to love at Wushu in Barcelona.

After some shopping and a few small errands at the university, we finally got back home at 4:30 pm feeling tired but quite happy ;)


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

2 thoughts on “First day”

  1. Quando vejo fotos de Toronto, sinto vontade de morar aí. Porém, às vezes, minha vontade não é ir para uma cidade grande. Não sinto um encantamento pela cidade, talvez porque ache que deve ser como São Paulo. Sei lá, um misto de sentimentos, mas ela continua na minha lista.

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