As I explained before, I started this blog mostly as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family; a way of sharing photos and stories of our year in Barcelona without clogging people’s emails with big files or trying to remember to whom we forgot to send the email. What I didn’t realize is that blogging encourages you to read other blogs and by reading and participating in other blogs, you eventually meet many people. The term blogosphere came to symbolize a real place to me, sort of like a virtual pub where one can meet all sorts of interesting people. Some of these people I met in person. Others I hope to meet someday.

I’ve been asked to pick five blogs that are among my favourites and share them with you. It’s very hard to pick among the many that dot my bloglines but here they are:

Sindrome de Estocolmo – By far the best in terms of the discussions in engender, the balance of serious and light-hearted posts (we even watched the Oscars together!), and the positive energy that Denise projects. Reading it greatly inspired me to become more engaged with the world around me. It’s written in Portuguese.

A Wandering Woman Writes from Spain – Erin quit a high paying corporate job in big-city America to move to a small town in Spain. Her enthusiasm for the language and her interest for the local culture are inspiring, particularly for someone like me, who was also bitten by the Spanish bug. She’s also a superb writer. Written in English.

A Era do Gelo e Cravo e Canela no Canadá – I cite these two together because they are the best of a long list of blogs written by Brazilians to chronicle their process of immigration to Canada. Paula, of Era do Gelo, works in PR and moved with her husband to Toronto from São Paulo not too long ago. Her writing is amazing! As good as Erin’s. Daniel is behind Cravo e Canela and both him and his wife are architects planning their big move to Canada. His enthusiasm and dedication – as well as positive attitude – towards the whole immigration process is very commanding. Canada is very lucky for being able to attract people like him. Both are in Portuguese.

Na Terra do Cachorro Frito – The hilarious adventures (or misadventures) of a Brazilian journalist’s adaptation to China, after five years in Barcelona, had me in stitches many times. Her previous blog about her life in Barcelona was also very funny. Very well written as well. In Portuguese.

Yalla. She’s very intelligent, engaged, and funny. I met her in 1995 when she was barely 18 and had come to the big city to try to get into university. I had never met anybody with a purer heart or a more honest outlook. She’s now an anthropologist and a belly dancer who managed to fuse her personal interests with her field of studies. In Portuguese.

I know I cheated a bit and manage to squeeze an extra blog on the list – which was supposed to include only 5 blogs. It’s so hard to choose!! Other ones I read frequently are Always por um triz, In other worlds…, Exilio (In)voluntário, A Vida em BCN, Chocolate & Zucchini, Cantinho do Jota, Bumblebee Sweet Potato, Conexão Rio-Paris, and the list goes on…


PS: I hadn’t mentioned Alan’s blog because he had sort of abandoned it lately. But now he’s back and inspired again!! So check his blog out for a different angle of some of the storied you’ll see here. He managed to capture very well our last few days in Barcelona.