Bluffers Park

Before dinner today, Pearl took us to Bluffers Park, a really nice place by the lake. It’s not too far from her house and I remember that Alan and I had always wanted to go there but somehow never got to it. It was overcast and a bit foggy, which was perfect for photography. Click on the picture for a slideshow.

Slideshow of Bluffers Park


Tokyo Sushi

Monday we had lunch at our favourite sushi spot in the city. Tokyo Sushi is a tiny little place – it only has about four tables and the bar – at a side street between Yonge St and Bay St. The sushi chef and all the staff are Japanese and the place only sells sushi – no bento boxes. Unlike other good sushi places in Toronto, this one is very affordable and everything is so fresh, it melts in your mouth. This is the place where Alan learned to enjoy sushi and where I learned to eat proper sashimi.

The chef recognized us and was happy to see us back. At the end of our meal he treated us to an extra set of special rolls on the house…

Tokyo Sushi Chef - click for larger image Our lunch - click for larger image Our treat