View from my carrel

This is the view from my carrel – a small office space – on the 10th floor of Robarts library.

St George Street

Back campus

Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

5 thoughts on “View from my carrel”

  1. I’m sure your office is much bigger!! ;) I wanted to be able to do all my work at the carrel but looks like I’ll have to do some of it at home since I’ll have to work with two computers (a larger screen to go through my images and my laptop to take notes in). But once I have my notes down or stuff printed, I can work in the carrel all the time…

  2. os predios em geral eu não acho tão altos… quer dizer, não têm tantos predios altos como no Brasil por exemplo. A maioria das pessoas mora em casas… O predio que eu estava é a biblioteca principal da universidade de Toronto, considerada a terceira maior da america do norte. O predio tem 14 andares!

  3. My office is about 6 times the size of my carrel!! And it’s painted bright yellow… I really love it actually. :)

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