Brazil: here we go!

After 10 days of running around, finding an apartment, applying for it, signing the lease, sorting things out at school, going to meetings, meeting old friends, and shopping for relatives, we are finally ready to go visit the family. The last time we went was August/05 and I’ve never been this long without visiting. Luckily the last 20 months have been so busy that I hardly felt the time go by.


I love my family dearly and we’ve always been very close. There’s nothing like having to move every two years to a different city to make a family stick together. These days they are the only thing that keeps me going back to Brazil. The country is beautiful, still undiscovered, full of amazing people but the corruption, crime, and social inequality are sometimes too much to bear. I’ve definitely lost the degree of tolerance all Brazilians seem to have for these things. Even Alan, who’s always liked Brazil, is less and less excited about going for a visit.

But I digress…

What I wanted to say is that this year’s trip is dedicated to hanging out with my little three year-old niece and spending as much time as possible with my 91 year-old grandmother. I even bought a voice recorder because I want to have some talks with her about her life. Can’t wait to see her!

My gramma and my niece:

gramma & Lorena


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2 thoughts on “Brazil: here we go!”

  1. Que lindo, Alê! é uma excelente idéia, uma mulher de 91 anos tem tanta coisa pra contar! eu sinto muito ter tido muito pouca paciência com minha vó, que morreu quando eu estava no auge da minha rebeldia, aos 16 anos.

    Beijão e aproveite bem, querida!

  2. Alexandra,

    Essa foto e’ realmente preciosa: o encontro das duas geracoes.

    Se voce puder tambem leve uma camera para filmar a entrevista com a sua avo. It is priceless. I regret not having had the opportunity to do the same with my grandparents, specially my grandfather with whom I was very close. But he passed when I was in my early 20s.

    Ultimamente, eu ando filmando e entrevistando tios e outros familiares cada vez que vou ao Brasil. Sempre pergunto sobre estorias de infancia e coisas assim.

    Enfim, espero que tudo corra bem na sua estadia no Brasil. Em que cidade mora a sua familia?

    Ir no Brasil e’ “bitter-sweet” para mim. Quando estou la acabo aproveitando bastante, mas sempre fico super ansiosa antes de ir. A violencia e a inseguranca no Brasil tambem me incomodam bastante.



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