TTC to the airport & arriving in Brazil

Alan and I are big believers in taking TTC (Toronto Transit Commission – our local public transit) to the airport.  Since we only travel with what we can bring on board with us, taking public transit to airports is not so difficult. From our place in downtown Toronto, it usually takes us about 45 min to get to the airport (20-25 min on the subway, 10 min on a bus, plus any waiting time in between) but this time we left earlier since we were staying with friends at the east end of the city and the airport was on the west end. We were surprised how quickly we got to the airport. With the exception of one station further east, we travelled the whole lenght of the green line! From Warden to Kipling we passed 29 stations and it took us only 45 mins!  We were in our terminal exactly one hour after Pearl dropped us off at the subway station. Oh, did I mention it was rush hour?? Not bad at all…

In the end we had plently of time to spare at the airport… There were no line ups at the electronic check-in kyosks, no line up at security… Our flight took off an hour late because of the thunderstorm in Toronto but we made some time along the way and arrived in Sao Paulo about half an hour late. We were the first ones off the airplane and the first ones through customs. I then whipped through the duty free store at the baggage handling area to buy a perfume my mom ordered and out we went to greet my parents. It took us only 20 mins from walking out of the airplane to hugging my parents. Once you start travelling with only carry-on luggage, there’s no going back…

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the first few days here.


Author: guerson

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2 thoughts on “TTC to the airport & arriving in Brazil”

  1. Nowadays, we have to be practice, cause everything is justified in the name of inter/national security. ;-(


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