Our new/old place

As I mentioned before, we are moving back to the building where we used to live before we left for Barcelona in April/2006. It’s only 15-minutes walk from the U of T library and the department of History, even less to the Centre of Medieval Studies and its library, places I often have to go to. Less than 100m from the closest subway station, Maitland street is also right around the corner to the heart of the Gay Village of Toronto, a place we’ve grown very fond of. When we first moved to the neighbourhood, back in May/2003, the rental agent had to warn us about the nature of the place. Very tactfully she asked us if we knew the area. We said no, and although I had heard it was the home of the gay community, I didn’t say anything to see what she would say. She said: “Well… your wife will feel very safe here!” Alan looked puzzled and we quickly explained that the place was the centre of the gay men community. He didn’t have a problem with that and neither did I and in time we felt very much at home. Our neighbours were all very friendly and helpful, shop owners were very nice, the building was extremely well managed and clean. Plus, it was at walking distance to everything. So, we couldn’t be happier to find they had an apartment exactly like the one we had before available.

Usually, when you rent an apartment, the landlord will clean it and paint it for you. In our building it means they just paint all the walls an off-white colour so last time we bought our own paints and added some colours to the rooms. This time we had the good fortune of finding a place whose previous tenants left in beautiful conditions. They had painted all the rooms in beautiful shades:

The second bedroom – which will be our office – was painted a beautiful shade of yellow, while the living room/dining room had some walls in a deep olive green and others a pale blue, a very nice combination

OfficeLiving room/dining room

And in our building they always give new tenants a “goodies” basket with things that are extremely handy when you first move in to a new place: toilet paper, paper towel, cleaners, tissue paper, cutting board, cleaning rag, towel…

Goodies basket


We can’t wait to move in!

Author: guerson

Born and raised in Brazil, a Canadian stole my heart and took me to Canada in 1999. After seven years between Montreal and Toronto, we then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I did research for my PhD thesis. This blog began as a chronicle of our adventures while living in Barcelona and exploring the old world and has acquired a life of its own after we moved back to Canada.

7 thoughts on “Our new/old place”

  1. olá Alexandra,
    conheci o seu blog hoje por acaso. Vendo suas belas fotos fiquei imaginando se vc trabalha profissionalmente como fotógrafa. Pergunto isso porque planejo estudar fotografia no Canadá e gostaria de umas dicas. Como não consegui descobrir o que vc estuda, pensei que não custava perguntar.
    Meu nome é Renata, moro em Belo Horizonte,MG,Brasil.

  2. Oi Renata,

    Quem me dera ser fotógrafa profissional! Não, sou aprendiz ainda ;) Mas vou tomar a pergunta como um elogio ;)

    Vc vem estudar ou vai imigrar pra cá? Eu sei que existem vários cursos, não só em universidades mas também em institutos de design…

    Vc estuda fotografia em BH?

  3. muito lindinho, o apartamento. parece ser espacoso e bem iluminado tambem. achei muito fofo o gesto da cestinha.

    sucesso no novo (antigo) lar!


  4. Oi Alexandra, obrigada pela atenção. Estamos iniciando o processo de imigração. Sou arquiteta e já há algum tempo planejo uma virada na carreira. Não tenho cursos de fotografia, mas minha intenção é trabalhar nessa área. Pretendo investir na nova carreira e, se for o caso, tenho disponibilidade para cursar uma nova universidade. Você acha que vale à pena investir 4 anos de estudo para melhor se posicionar no mercado de trabalho canadense? Ou um curso menos extenso traria os mesmos resultados, em se tratando do mercado de trabalho? Se vc tiver interesse posso explicar mais a respeito de nossos planos em um mail.
    Meu e-mail: renata.acvm@hotmail.com
    Vc já fez algum curso de fotografia por aí?

  5. Oi Alexandra,
    Adorei o “mimo” que o prédio oferece aos no récem chegados no apartamento! Que sacada! Certamente é algo que precisamos muito logo que nos mudamos e nos deparamos com aquele apartamento vazio né?

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