Food pictures

I love food. I wouldn’t pay $200 on a pair of shoes or some fancy perfume but I would happily pay that much for a gourmet meal. As Alan would say, good food is very important to me and because I like eating nice food, prepared with fresh ingredients, I also like to cook.

Tonight was our first real meal in our new place and I wanted to prepare something light but tasty. The two dishes I prepared were firsts for me but I was quite happy with how they turned out. Here’s what we had:

Fennel salad with tomatoes, red peppers & parsley

This one I created myself and it turned out very refreshing. A great summer salad!

Fennel salad

The main course was taken out from the book Eating for Better Health, by Jane Plant & Gill Tidey.

Spaghetti with Rocket* and Cherry Tomatoes

I was afraid the combination of arugula (rocket/rucula) and basil would be too strong but no, it was perfect! Very fragrant and light. A huge success. I think I’ll add some pine nuts next time for variation.

Rocket salad

*Rocket is called arugula in Canada. I used baby arugula leaves.

I’ll post the recipes in the comments, in case anyone is interested.

Since the title of the post is food pictures, I’ll add here a couple shots I took at a recent excursion to a local Tibetan restaurant, where I had Tibetan lamb curry (first picture) and was intrigued by the local steamed bread (picture two).