New iMac

iMac - © Apple IncWhen we left for Spain, Alan sold his big Dell desktop and bought a 15″ Powerbook G4 laptop to bring to Spain. One year of use is enough to fully convert anyone into the Apple fold and now that it’s time to buy a new desktop, we went for a beautiful 24″ iMac. I just ordered one today and can’t wait to play with it!! Oh, did I mention it came with a free iPod Nano?…


Author: guerson

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4 thoughts on “New iMac”

  1. Wow. I went to the Apple store a few days ago, and drooled on a MacBook. We got a hefty tax refund this year, and I’m trying to decide between being an early adopter of the iPhone, or spoiling myself with a new laptop. It’s tough.

  2. wow, that would indeed be a tough choice LM! personally, I don’t really know which one I would choose… I’m REALLY excited about the iPhone – which we have no idea when would be reaching Canadian stores – and bought the cheapest GSM phone that would work in both Europe and North America when I moved to Spain so I wouldnt have to get another one here. My next cell phone will be an iPhone ;) I just hope they don’t make whatever data plan you need for it too expensive…

    I think the MacBooks are great machines. Way better than the old iBooks, which weren’t that bad. I just don’t like the material they are made of. My friend has a white iBook and it scratches soooooo easily. I much prefer the metallic finish of the MacBook Pro. It’s too bad they don’t come in the 12″-13″ range…

  3. Alexandra I have an IMac like this but I am not sure about my screen, I think it’s not 24, but 20 (?), I really love it, we have only macs, and I don’t want to change. This new one is really wonderful…as you are working with images, it’s really the better choice, and there is a camera, but you won’t believe that I never used the iChat to exchange with someone having a camera…When you will receive yours let me know what do you think about this :-)

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