Instant noodles with a twist

I like instant noodles. Not the ones that come in cups that you add boiling water and wait a few minutes before eating. I like the ones that you have to cook for a few minutes on the stove. Of course, they are often bland, and despite the seasoning packet that comes with it, it always looks a bit like hospital food. So I always dress up my instant noodles. Alan’s favourite is one I make with tomato sauce (or tomato soup), mixed herbs and shaved parmesan cheese. I always keep some instant noodles at hand for those nights when I don’t feel like cooking or going out. But I try not to make it too often because most instant noodles on the market seem to contain palm oil, which is not very good for you. Recently I discovered some Thai instant rice noodles that are not fried and therefore contain no oil or other nasty ingredients. They are VERY tasty.

So, what do you get when you mix

Thai noodles

with some sliced garlic, a tsp of turmeric, a couple tbsp or green onions, couple tbsp of thinly-sliced celery, and a couple grated carrots? And after you put the soup in some nice bowls, you add some sun dried tomatoes?

you get this lovely soup:


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

6 thoughts on “Instant noodles with a twist”

  1. I’m a strong believer in presentation…. Whenever I cook at home, I always try to present the food in a nice way. I also think of colours when I’m trying to pick which vegetable to have with our salmon & rice to make the dish as colourful as possible. And I almost always put some turmeric on the rice to make it nice and yellow ;)

  2. bom, quando voce começou com: “I like instant nudels”
    i got scared of reading the rest of the post…
    mas ao ver a foto final, well, I guess I’d like those as well!

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