Dyke March & Church Street

Yesterday we checked out the Dyke March. Smaller and less commercial than Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade, the Dyke March is a fun event. The women come out in huge numbers. After the parade we went for a walk along Church Street, the main street in the Gay Village to check what was going on there. There were stalls of all kinds set up – food, beverage, information, stores, you name it. Even the Police, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the Armed Forces had recruitment tents there, which is something I find really amazing since where I come from the police forces and the military are very anti-gay environments. I’ll talk more about the events of the day later, I just wanted to leave a few pictures. The first 45 or so are of the Dyke March and the remainder are of people on Church St. Just click on the image and you’ll see the slideshow.

Update: It’s 5:30 pm on Sunday and we just came back from Church St. We tried to check out the parade but it was way too crowded and hot on Yonge St. so we went to Church and shot some pictures of the people who were coming back from the parade. I’ve added the pictures to the slideshow.

Click here for slideshow

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

3 thoughts on “Dyke March & Church Street”

  1. Alexandra!
    I just love your pictures!
    I don’t think I ever saw a Gay parade and living in Calgary I don’t think I’ll see one anytime soon…
    Have a great week!

  2. Thank you Thelma! I guess Alberta is a lot more conservative… but don’t despair. Enough people are moving there from the east, maybe they’ll make the place a bit more open?

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