Public Transit

When I first got to Canada, I was very impressed by the efficiency of the public transit system. Used to the chaos of public transit in Rio, where different companies ran different bus lines, bus stops were mere suggestions and where a transit map is unknown, Montreal’s public transit was a dream. Toronto’s is even better – although the fare system is simply stupid, but don’t get me going on that. That was until I went to Europe and realized how far we have yet to go with public transit. Direct train connection to airports, high speed trains, trams…. Some of the things I really liked in Barcelona were the tram, the new bike system, and the more reasonable fare system. While the city of Toronto is still talking to its citizen to see what they think of a light rail network in about 20 years, many European cities have had them for years…

Maclean’s has an interesting article about this.


Author: guerson

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2 thoughts on “Public Transit”

  1. Bom Alex, depois de morar 3 anos na Alemanha eu acho o transporte coletivo em montreal um verdadeiro cocö.
    Metro a cada 15 min? as conexoes que nunca funcionam…
    O bom é que nunca vi povo mais pacato, ou, adestrado quanto eles.
    Pra eles tá bom e eles nao reclamam de nada.

  2. realmente Bianca… temos muito o que aprender com o sistema de transporte publico europeu…
    Eu só fui perceber o quanto o metro de Montreal é demorado depois que vim pra Toronto, onde ele passa com maior frequencia. Deve ser por isso que as plataformas em Montreal são tão grandes e as de Toronto tão pequenas…

    Quanto a apatia do povo – Talvez seja por isso que as coisas levem tempo para mudar por aqui – as pessoas realmente não reclamam.

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