Everybody enjoying the weekend?

Wow – I usually get between 70-200 visitors a day on this blog but somehow today I got none (zero!). That’s actually a good thing; means people are out enjoying the nice day ;)

We had a busy day too – did our normal rounds at Kensington Market this morning (were there around 8:30 AM), then to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Once there, we met some friends, walked around a bit and decided it was a good day for dim sum. We hadn’t had dim sum for over a year – no decent Chinese food in Barcelona – and it was heavenly! We probably ate way too much though… Anyways, we left the dim sum place on Dundas St and made our way to the MEC for some browsing and for my friend’s kids to try some wall-climbing. Then it was off to the Eaton Centre and finally home around 5:30 PM.

Pictures to follow…


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

11 thoughts on “Everybody enjoying the weekend?”

  1. Nem fala menina! Ontem ficamos até tarde da noite em um encontro com brasileiros (a noite estava deliciosa) e agora acabamos de voltar da pracinha em frente ao prédio onde ficamos horas batendo papo com a vizinhança. Vc tem razão está muito mais convidativo ficar fora do que dentro de casa. Certamente este é o motivo!

  2. Ixi, parece que é geral. Ninguém veio no meu blog também… Mas pensando bem, eu também não fui no blog de ninguém… Sabotagem meteorológica! :o)

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