Wisdom gone!

The main reason for coming to Montreal this weekend was to see our dentist. I know it sounds crazy but yes, we kept our dentist even after moving to Toronto. Lucie is an amazing dentist and it isn’t a bit chore for us to come to Montreal every six months for a cleaning or a filling. After almost two years without going – because of our time in Spain – we braced ourselves for yesterday’s check up. She had good news and bad news for me. The bad news is that I had hard-to-reach cavities on my wisdom teeth (I still have the two top ones). The good news is that I don’t have to have them filled, she wants me to get them removed alltogether. Or maybe the bad news was that I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out because they were decaying and sliding down, and the good news is that I have hardly any plaque after two years without a cleaning. Either way, she called the dental surgeon and manage to squeeze me into his schedule on the same day. Woohoo. That is said with a bit of sarcasm. My experience removing wisdom teeth was the worst possible and I wasn’t looking forward to this one. I knew it would be bad, both teeth were fully out and it would be a simple matter of freezing and pulling them out. No cuts, no stiches.

Luckily I had to visit Concordia University, my alma mater, to check out their new digs and have lunch with Shannon, my former undergraduate supervisor and now a good friend. She’s now chair of the department and took me around to visit their new offices since the department has been recently relocated. Lunch with her allowed me to forget the impending visit to the dental surgeon but alas, the time eventually came.

Lucie was right. It took longer to freeze than to pull the teeth. I was in and out in about 5 mins. But it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. Having a needle – two in fact! – stuck into the roof of my mouth was a feeling only surplanted by the traumatic sensation of having one’s tooth snapping out of it socket. Yuck.

The worse was yet to come. A friend of Norbert and Carole’s was coming for dinner and Norbert had some very nice sausages bbq’d for dinner. While everybody ate, I stared at my bowl of chocolate pudding. Theoretically, I was only supposed to eat soft, cold foods that night. But since I wasn’t in any pain, I reasoned I could eat some sausages if I chewed with my front teeth and swallowed quickly… I was a very bad girl. I also ate some cheese. Now, those were definitely on the soft food category. And some mashed straberries with cream. Oh, and copious amounts of white wine count as cold liquid, right?

Our departure to Toronto has been postponed to tomorrow… Other than the strange feeling of the gapping holes in my mouth, I feel fine…

How about you? How was your weekend?

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

5 thoughts on “Wisdom gone!”

  1. Querida, tenho lido sempre seu blog, ainda que não comente nessa minha vida mundo afora, deixa chegar agosto e vamos manter um contato mais normal.

    Queria dizer que:

    1. Meus wisdom teeth nunca nem nasceram!!!!!!!!! hehehehehhe

    2. O prato que voc fez com noodles ficou lindo e me deu muita vontade de cozinhar algo pra Ted, Simon e Bia, quando voltar, os bichinhos mercem.

    3. AMEI seu post sobre os 10 anos de Montreal. I love your relationship with Alan… it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and it reminds me of Ted and I… we HAVE to meet some time!


  2. I still have my wisdom babies and my dentist is always telling me that I do need to let them go…

    Maybe in august.. Let´s see what happens.. Not that I´m afraid of dentists, I just don´t remember doing so whenever I have the chance to spend a few days out of town.

    Weekend was fine, went to a concert, had a wonderful time on the beach and almost got robbed…

    Enjoy the choc pudding!

  3. I still have all of my wisdom teeth and my last trip to the dentist indicated that I would have them for awhile! But I can imagine the feeling… eek!

  4. Like I said, it really wasn’t that bad… I feel absolutely no pain today and have eaten normally all day… but the gapping holes still feel sort of weird ;)

  5. Oi Dê!!

    salvo mudanças de planos de ultima hora, continuo planejando dar um pulinho em Washington em janeiro – com certeza nos veremos!!

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