HP 7

The wait is finally over. I finished re-reading HP 6 a little after 1 AM, Saturday morning and after a few hours of sleep and a whole morning of pacing up and down the apartment, I finally received my copy of HP 7 around noon on Saturday. I read avidly all afternoon, stopping only for dinner and to go to a party on Saturday night. If the party hadn’t been for my good friend Dana, I don’t think I would have gone. I finished the book this morning and won’t make any comments on the grand finale so not to spoil it for anybody else out there. All I can say is that it was VERY good, a little different from the other books since Harry wasn’t at Hogwarts for most of the book, and the end left me craving for more… It’s hard to believe it’s over. I hope J. K. Rowling doesn’t stop writing about wizards & muggles…
There were a few good articles at the CBC website about the book…

A personal reflection on reading the Harry Potter series

 So long Harry

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4 thoughts on “HP 7”

  1. It was great, I really loved it, although as you point out, it was different than the others, in that they spent so little time at Hogwarts. Sadly, I could not find you a French version.

  2. welcome back landismom!!
    hope you enjoyed your time in the south of France and ate lots of nice things.
    I really liked the book too although I was very sad at the end… I really don’t want the series to end! I want more wizard stories! oh well…

  3. I’ve just finished reading it and I must say I did expect more. I mean, it did have a cool ending and stuff, but it left me wanting more – and I don’t mean I wanted the story to go on, but so much was left unanswered/wasted to me that it almost seems sometimes(on the previous books) she didn’t know exactly where she was taking us.
    Or maybe I’m hypercritical…
    Anyway, looking at the bigger picture, it sure was a nice 7-book story, but I guess the hyped worked against it…

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