Little things that can make a difference

A few months ago, I discovered Kiva through the Wandering Woman’s blog. Based on the principles of microfinance, Kiva allows you to loan money to entrepreneurs in the developing world, helping them get out of poverty. I wrote about it here a little while ago. Earlier this week, WW wrote another really nice post about the institution, as well as her work as a volunteer translator for Kiva. Since I couldn’t put it in better words, here’s the plug from WW’s blog:

If you have the ability to translate from a language of the developing world to English, stop by the Kiva volunteer page to see if you can help out. The site lists Spanish, French, Khmer, Russian and Ukranian as the languages most needed at the moment. You’ll find non-translating volunteer opportunities posted, as well.

I led Ann to Kiva, and Alex, too, as I recall, and Laura, all by simply yapping here and pasting a banner in the sidebar. You’ll also find banners, email footers, links to Kiva groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and all kinds of neat ways you can help out just by spreading the word at the Kiva Get Involved

I promise you’ll be helping motivated, hard working people change their lives for the better. That’s a good thing, but I tell you, you’ll also taste this magic rush Ann and I share – this simple but rockin’ rush at knowing you stopped simply caring, and did something to make a tangible difference.

I’ll definitely stop by the Kiva site and see if I can help with translation work.