Busy day ahead

I’ve been so uninspired this past week. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m a bit stressed about the next phase of my program – you know, writing thesis, designing and teaching courses, presenting papers, writing articles… – and I’m a bit disappointed at myself. I feel I could be doing much more than I actually manage week in and week out. It’s the old I’m-such-a-fraud-when-will-they-find-out syndrome that affects 9 out 10 graduate students.  Poor Alan doesn’t know what to do. Plus, the fact that my scholarship has run out and I won’t have any more money until september doesn’t exactly cheer me up.

But today they have Pedestrian Sunday at Kensington Market and hopefully that will cheer me up. We’ll then go for dinner at a friend’s place near High Park and hopefully catch Shakespeare in the Park afterwards.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

5 thoughts on “Busy day ahead”

  1. Alexandra,
    fica assim não. Respira fundo e segue em frente. É só uma fase. Vai dar tudo certo. E agosto passa rapidinho, rapidinho, setembro chega logo. :)

    Bjs bjs

  2. Obrigada Raquel… tô melhor hoje… my problem is that I have a hard time with the present, I always have to be thinking about the future or the past and right now that means being upset at myself for not collecting even more documents in my year in Spain (totally unrealistic) and for not having a chapter done by now (even more unrealistic) or not having taught a course yet, etc…

    All a bit waste of energy, really… but I’ll be back at my normal positive self soon enough…

    e aí? sobreviveu ao Pan?… ri muito com o seu “fujam cubanitos, fujam!”

  3. Conheço bem essa síndrome, o Pedro sofreu dela durante os 4 anos que lecionou na universidade.
    Se isso te serve de consolo, ela passa viu?

  4. Alexandra, o período de “entressafra” é brabo mesmo. Penso que por mais que a gente tente, fica um um pouco presa ao passado e sempre “esperando” o futuro. E aí, como se diz, o futuro é agora.

    Esquenta não, que vai melhorar!

    Heee, “fujam cubanitos, fujam!”. Que bom que você riu. Rir é bom.

    Bjs bjs

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