Customer service

Among the many errands we had to run today – such as buying a couch – was a visit to the Apple Store at the Eaton Centre. When we bought our iMac back in June, we also bought an Airport Extreme Base Station. It’s basically a fancy wireless router that can also work as a server for a printer or an external hard drive. It worked flawlessly for a couple of weeks and then, suddenly, we couldn’t find the printer anymore. We went by the Apple Store one day and asked the guy at technical support for some ideas on how to troubleshoot it. He told us to try a factory reset and if that didn’t work, to bring it in. OK, easy enough. We tried resetting it a few times. Still no printer. So we brought it in this afternoon. The system at the store is pretty neat. You log on either from home or at one of the gazillion computers at the store and book an hour with someone from their tech support – the so-called Genius Bar. We got there at 1:45 and found a slot open at 2 pm. We told them what happened – that the printer couldn’t be found on the network and that we trying to reset to no avail – and the guy didn’t even hesitate, “ok, let’s just exchange it for a new one”. He didn’t ask how long did we have it, he didn’t ask us to try new tricks, he didn’t claim there was something wrong with the printer. I even asked if he didn’t want to try plugging it in first and testing it. He said it wouldn’t make any difference since he didn’t have our printer. So we walked out ten minutes later with a new Airport Extreme. Gotta love customer service in this country…


Author: guerson

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